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Business Writing Training

Relationships are at the heart of everything you do and the most vital part of each relationship is communication; it is the key to business success.


Every employee is a representative of your organization and each written communication leaves an impression. The quality of that writing is the essence of building and maintaining relationships. You want to ensure it is the best it can be.


With improved communication, the organization will have:

  • Increased confidence in employee communication.

  • Enhanced company image.

  • Retention of better qualified employees.

  • Reduced internal conflict due to improved internal written and verbal communication.

  • Decreased employee stress.

  • Improved productivity.

Customers and clients will have:

  • Increased satisfaction.

  • Better perception of company.

  • Fewer complaints and issues.


The Business Writing Training focuses on improving employee writing skills through a combination of instruction and exercises. It includes

  • Basic writing skills.

  • Writing an effective email.


The training can be customized to fit your current business situation and needs.  


With 35 years of business experience as an employee, manager, consultant and small business owner as well as being a writer and editor, I can improve your organization’s writing competency.   


For more information, to schedule a meeting or request a proposal, please contact me.

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